Premature Ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction and is one of the most common condition. It is characterized by uncontrolled ejaculation before or after penetration. Premature ejaculation occurs without enough sexual stimulation and person's want. Both the partners are unsatisfactory after sexual act. This condition increases anxiety, which adds up to the problem.

In premature ejaculation penile shaft remains erect till semen ejaculation. However, ejaculation takes place before a men's want and there is no control over it. Men from all age group can suffer from this condition.

The causes of premature ejaculation are-

In lot of cases Premature Ejaculation do not indicate any clear cause. However, the common cause includes-

• Psychological causes

 ◦ Relationship issues

 ◦ Anxiety

 ◦ Guilt

 ◦ Depression

• Biological causes

 ◦ Hormonal problems

 ◦ Hypersensitivity of penile skin

 ◦ Long time gap between last ejaculation

 ◦ Injury

 ◦ Side effects due to some medications

 ◦ Health issues

 ◦  Nerve damage

It is observed that men deal with this issue with experience and age. They learn to postpone semen release.

Effects of Premature Ejaculation –

There can be harmful effects of premature ejaculation on one’s life. It causes a reduction in sexual functions and gratification, and the quality of life declines. They suffer with distress, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, relationship issues, interpersonal problems, and feelings of shame.

Many reports suggest that men with premature ejaculationexperience anxiety during sexual act. Single men experiencing premature ejaculation may avoid having relationship cause of the fear of embarrassment. While those men who are in relationship may fearthat their companion might become dissatisfiedand the relationship may end due to this reason.

Treatment for Premature Ejaculation-

It is noted that premature ejaculation resolves over time. There is no need for treatment method as such. Many a time relaxation methods or use of distraction techniques may assist in postponing semen release. Reducing or discontinuing the consumption of alcohol, drugs or tobacco may help in dealing with premature ejaculation.

Your physician will advise you to use some techniques to overcome this issue. The doctor may guide you to identify and control the senses that causes semen releases. In this way you will be able to tell your partner to slow or halt the stimulation. The use of protection is also recommended, as it reduces sensation to the phallus organ. Sometimes different positions are suggested while having sexual intercourse. For some men counselling and behavioral therapy is given to combat and minimize anxiety associated with premature ejaculation.

Oral medications are also used to overcome PE. Many online drug pharmacies provide medicine for treating sexual complications including premature ejaculation.

Antidepressant such as Dapoxetine (Generic Priligy) is used widely to treat premature ejaculation. This drug acts on the neurotransmitters and delays semen release. The medicine comes under SSRI, and is often recommended as the first line of treatment for premature ejaculation.

Some physicians also recommended the use of Generic Viagra or Tadalafil to combat PE. These medications in their generic form are easily available at some of the leading online medical store. You just need to provide a valid recommendation from your physician, as the medications come under prescription drug category. Choose the best suiting drug for your condition and place an order with some easy steps. As the online medical pharmacy assures high quality drug with timely delivery, you just sit back and relax at the comfort of your home. Moreover, you will not loose out on money as the web pharmacy provides discounts and many offers. Thus, don’t panic with the problem and select the best suiting treatment for resolving premature ejaculation.